Kart Ö Green is an E-commerce brand for online grocery, food items, and other daily use items for people who love to save time and money.

People shop online because of their busy schedule and ease of getting the stuff at your doorstep. But there are families who stay away from an adjacent city, specifically in a newly developed society where it becomes very hard for people to search for basic amenities like local markets etc. Both of the ideas pushed us to create a venture called Kart Ö Green.

In the current scenario, most of the upcoming development is coming in the outskirts of the towns where accessibility to shops and daily consumable products are not in possible reach.

By helping the families living in such society and areas in our own way, we feel accomplished in helping India grow indirect. If no one comes to such developments, it would just be construction but not a society.

We count Kart Ö Green as a part of the dream called Digital India where everything would be available on your fingertips.

Our aim going forward is to connect the different societies with Kart Ö Green as the solution of your basic needs.

We are planning to add up some more products as per the customer requirements in the near future which would be a great point for the expansion of Kart Ö Green.

Keep providing your support, love and true feedback for our services which will help us serve you better.