Vendor Registration Details

Kart O Green is now accepting the applications for the vendors from different cities and towns in INDIA.

Some basic requirements are:

  1. Should have experience in dealing with quality products and vegetable market
  2. Product Quality checks on random samples for each product every day before delivering the first order.
  3. Timely delivery to the customer is must, should have 2 delivery boys in the beginning and going forward as per the increase in demand.
  4. Proper Packing of products to be done at your end in a clean manner with transparent bags for fruits and vegetables and non-transparent for some of the items like sanitary items. See the image for transparent packing.
  5. Contract to be signed where it would be clearly mentioned in the terms that vendor would be providing the quality products which can be accepted happily by the customers, for rejected products refund should be paid by the vendor to the customer.
  6. Another thing that contract would have is that “The vendor, in any case, won’t cheat or harm either the customer or business in any possible way” doing so will be considered as the breach of contract and contract refundable amount of INR 10,000 would be taken as a penalty and your registration would be lost from the vendorship with us.

The sample for packing (Point no. 4)

Information Required from vendors for registration

In case you feel you are the right fit applying for the vendor positions with us, please write back to us on [email protected] with details asked below:

  1. Your name
  2. Contact Number
  3. Experience total and related to market
  4. City and State with Pin code
  5. How you are planning to promote?

With those details, we will ensure the basic requirements and other related things will be discussed during the meeting and your payout percentage will be decided after the same.